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i'm a picky eater. animal lover. i eat spaghetti once a week. won't last a day without music. i love walking. i don't think being alone is weird.INCUBUS is more than just a band. you know you love me. I'm a big SHINee fan. I'm in love with Onew and his sangtae. I speak Filipino, English and Modern Korean <3


Fabricated Love

First and foremost, I can’t believe I wrote this when I was 18. But I believe I wrote this back in college. And I’m sharing it because it’s so strong and speaks so much truth despite the title so I hope whoever gets to read this will identify with it and learn from my ignorance.

Here it goes.

I delighted myself with nonsense lies                                                        

Found the truth in your actions                                                           

Didn’t think defenses were vital                                                          

Trapped in a circle of confusion

Saw the best and worst of alibis                                                               

Wrapped answers in your sweet lies                                                           

Too late to run away and ignore                                                       

There’s too much more                                                                          

There’s so much more

I know I didn’t sign up for this                                                                 

Signs of inconsistent affection                                                                  

Far too trusting, why bother asking                                                        

The truth made it all seem a lie

Silent regrets don’t change a thing                                                         

Stop knocking on a locked door                                                             

Failed to see the all too obvious                                                              

There’s so much more                                                                            

There’s too much more

(c 2009)



Happy 25th birthday, Daniel Radcliffe (July 23rd, 1989) !

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So good.

I’m good at a lot of things.

One of them is to pretend I’m okay.

pretend imokay

Basic rule

I mean, come on, guys. Do you think we enjoy listening to stories about your ex?

Yes we’re not dating. Yes we’re not a couple. But still, I don’t wanna hear you say “She was really pretty then”

I dunno. just keep it to yourself because saying it out loud is annoying as annoying orange.

Like… seriously.




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A whole new world… <3 

Every day since that morning we started talking to each other…

Since that day… at 5:00 in the morning… when you started to introduce your world to me… was never like any other morning I had before. 

Finally, after a long time… I’ve found something constant happening in my life… and its talking to you every day. 

and i think that’s why I am so afraid when I realize that I do like you. 

and when that time came, that I found myself drifting away from you, I was surprised… because unlike how I usually push myself away from people, I decided not to go away. 

If one day I get hurt from whatever it is that we have… 

whatever it is that keeps us connected despite the land and seas that physically separates us.. 

There’s no one to blame but me. 

I choose to stay. 

I chose to keep our connection. 

Because for the first time, in a looooong time, I found someone who makes me want to wake up and look forward to hours of talking and being thankful that I’m alive. 

You’ve made me become thankful that I am alive. 



I am a nursing graduate. I am a registered nurse. I have both hospital experience and home care experience. 

But I work as an Editorial Assistant for one of the noted and peer reviewed medical journals in the Philippines. 

Why did I get hired? Purely on recommendations and confidence that I can really do editorial work without formal and actual experience. 

When it comes to research, journal work and basically publishing work, my only experience is that of a writer. I write. And I write from the heart. Not medical journal stuff writing, but feature writing. I can’t even brag about my news writing skills because I totally lack all the skills. 

But I love to write. There is nothing else in the world that makes me heart flutter than that of the thought that I could actually write stories and inspire other people. 

But recently, I realized I do lack formal writing skills and I only base my work on experience and gift/talent. Which I clearly should change. 

I made a lot of mistakes in copy reading one paper and publishing a really miserable version of the article last December. I don’t wanna blame other people and I just really want to admit that it was me who overlooked the typographical errors and spacing and all editorial work, but my boss didn’t even press on me. She even said that the mistake was on the authors’ part and not ours. She is one amazing boss. She never gets angry at me and she believes in what I can do for the journal and trusts me completely. 

WOW. I am blessed beyond measure. I was placed here, instead of a hospital or any work close to Nursing for that matter, for a reason and I won’t stop til I get there. To that place where I would really be happy in. 

I’m so thankful. :)

thankful nursing work boss happiness writing writer wannabe blessed

Because no one seems to care.

Its funny. Because as far as I can remember, I was always there for everyone who needed me. But wow, I honestly couldn’t think of someone who could be with me whenever I needed someone. It doesn’t really have to be someone specific but its ironic how there seems to be no one available whenever I need someone. 

They don’t even need to listen to my problems. They just have to be there. 

I felt friendless today.. If you’re my friend and you’re reading this, maybe its time you reach out to me even if you don’t need anything. Cause the truth is, you only reach out to me whenever you need something. 

Don’t even try to tell me that you think I’m someone who doesn’t need someone. Because we all know that I do. All of us do. 

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