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i'm a picky eater. animal lover. i eat spaghetti once a week. won't last a day without music. i love walking. i don't think being alone is weird.INCUBUS is more than just a band. you know you love me. I'm a big SHINee fan. I'm in love with Onew and his sangtae. I speak Filipino, English and Modern Korean <3


I feel like a highschool girl again. 

8-10 years ago, I listened to the kind of music kids my age don’t listen to. I’ve always been a fan of ‘guy’ music and my friends Kate and Paola would testify to that since we’ve been listening to mostly alternative rock bands. One band in particular caught my attention because they sounded a bit odd. Hence, I loved listening to them because I consider myself odd.

Back then, I would often listen to ‘MY SONGS’ while lying on my back and just enjoy the musicality. listen to how the bass sounds, how the drums were beaten, how the lead sounds and i would dissect all the music/sounds of the song until i get tired of it. But as i got older, i didn’t have the leisure to do so…

AND the band I am talking about is….. INCUBUS.

lately, i’ve met amazing people who loves the band as much as i love them and we can’t help but talk about how great they are everytime we come together. and the best part is, these guys actually CAN make Incubus music. (i love you guys haha)

i said that i feel like i’m that 13 year old kid again because I am hooked with all the media has to offer about Incubus.

Guitarist MICHAEL EINZIGER was born June 21, 1976 and was nominated for a Grammy. He is said to be the “Albert Einstein” of Alternative Rock.

Bassist BEN KENNEY was born March 12, 1977 and is known to play at least 6 musical instruments. (damn)

Turntablist CHRIS KILMORE was born January 21, 1973 and also plays the keyboards for the band.

Drummer JOSE PASILLAS II was born April 26, 1976 and was a full time art student before committing to Incubus.

and Vocalist BRANDON BOYD, who continues to ignite that spark in me whenever his name is mentioned was born on the month when I was born. FEBRUARY 15, 1976 (sighs). I love his artwork that shows in his tattoos. and i truly admire how shy and uneasy he is even when he’s a rock legend already.

There. I know my friends are full of my ‘Incubus- love’ but I’m engrossing myself in this until they come back and rock my world again. 

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