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i'm a picky eater. animal lover. i eat spaghetti once a week. won't last a day without music. i love walking. i don't think being alone is weird.INCUBUS is more than just a band. you know you love me. I'm a big SHINee fan. I'm in love with Onew and his sangtae. I speak Filipino, English and Modern Korean <3



The year we’re all leaving behind has been one that I totally didn’t expect. 

I thought i had the worst years/events/feelings/changes before but this year was quite an experience that has never come to my fictional day dreams. Every end of the year i kind of sum all the things that have happened and post it like it was all a blur. But the most ironic thing that happened to me was that this year, this amazing/sucker year of 2011, taught me how to live in the moment. 

let’s all start with the MAJOR parts of my life, shall we?


This year, we’ve had two hospitalizations. 1 because of my dad’s seizures and 2 because of water in his thoracic cavity. My family also celebrated my dad’s 50th birthday and boy, it was filled with laughter and love from family and friends. we had a wedding in the Aranas family (Kuya Paulo and Ate Hazel), also a new member of the family was born before the year ended (Uno Aranas). This year I feel blessed that i got to spend it with an awesome mom, a loving dad, two crazy brothers and a noisy dog. 


I was blessed to be a registered nurse this year. although i never dreamed about it, I am always thankful and curious of what God would do with me. Truly I am more thankful that the hospitals here in our country don’t hire new nurses, because, i got the chance to explore my opportunities and got accepted in a work that’s inclined with writing and research. i do feel like i was put in this position for a reason yet i haven’t found out what the reason is. of course i do have another work, which is teaching piano to young boys and girls. i love this work because i love kids and i like being with them and this work allows me to spend time with this kids and play with them. This year is a productive year for me and looking forward to more things/work to come next year!


i used to love love songs. i mean i used to day dream while listening to love songs and try to bring out the emotion in me. this year, that changed. i don’t feel like listening to ordinary songs and being the person that i am, I now listen to a lot of musicality and lyricism. and popular songs don’t really make it to my playlist. i thought i would never listen to GREYHOUNDZ, FEAR LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS, WOLFGANG and such, but i do really like their songs now. also, i have reunited with my ‘teenage dream’ Brandon Boyd and also my love for Incubus. now i don’t know how i managed to live without their music before. i listen to them every single day.


woah. this is just too broad and too general to be discussed in one sub-topic so let me divide this section for all the important people who made my year mantasgamorical.


(Kate Dela Torre, Bea Guerrero, Paola Abaro, Kristine Moskito, Joy Benaraba, April Sta. Lucia, Tanya Lopez, Edrick Bruel, Curves Lopez)

These people are my life and my heart. They keep me sane and they just bring out the best in me and i love them to death. i’ve been with them for the longest time now and i just don’t know how i’ll be able to go through the tragedies of life without any of them. so far, no one has been married or pregnant yet but soon it will happen. this year has been the most active year for us with all the swimming, food trips, field trips, shopping, christmas parties, birthday parties. looking to a better year with all of you!


(Genesis Umali, Russell Berondo, Bacs Kahon, Mc Latayan, Drew Vida, Joshua Espiritu, Droyd Franco, Deo Conopio)

This group probably came as a surprise for me because they came when i needed someone to cheer me up and let me forget about the harshness of life. i was the odd member of this group because i was much older than all of them plus i was the only girl. nevertheless they never made me feel like im causing them trouble, they adore my jokes, they play super good music, they love Incubus as much as i love them, they miss me, and they appreciate the small/big things i do for them. and basically we just have a wonderful/fun/rebellious time together. 

3. 711 attackers

(Nikki Galang, Wayan Arit, Rosamond Beltran, Merbeth Ladores-Pedro)

these are the people who made my college life a little brighter. i met them in my sophomore year in Adventist University of the Philippines in Silang Cavite, where i took Nursing. It was a boarding school so i stayed inside the campus for 4 years except weekends. and these guys would make me laugh and cry and we would all just be happy and jolly together. they also keep my secrets and make a joke out of something really drastic and sad. i love how they don’t judge me based on my actions but based on my motives and even if we don’t see each other for a year, they love me like i love them.

4. Potter’s Clay

(Edrick, Moski, Ping, Russell, Lendle, Francis, Sharmaine, Iris, Louie, Auntie Med, Bivan, Martin, Dino, Deo, Lynelle)

This is my choir at church and i’ve been singing with them since i was 6 years old. yes, singing with them for 15 years now and counting. i love how we come together not as a choir but as friends. i love how they laugh at my super corny jokes but take them super lightly even if i know sometimes they can sound below the belt. i will always choose to serve God with these people because i know they love music in church as much as i do.

5. FFT (Fashion Field Trip)

(Karl Leuterio, Mike Magallanes, Thysz Estrada, Gelo Arucan, Miguel Celestial, Eugene Sugian, Edrick Bruel, Paul Jatayna, Stefan Punongbayan, Curves Lopez, Bon Galeng)

My best guy friend Edrick introduced me to these amazing people this year and i have become such a fan of each one of them. i love how different each person is yet they all have that something that makes them click. i cannot help but feel very low when im with them because they’re all rich and famous and popular but these fashion friends are super humble and very accommodating. i love how they love moonleaf teas like i do and how they explain fashion things to me even though i know i kinda sound stupid when i talk to them about fashion. im super happy i got to know this people this year and they really made my 2011 extraordinary.

well, that was my year. my heart cannot accommodate a boyfriend because it was filled with these people already. i know i cannot avoid talking about my love life because apparently something major happened this year and that was when i finally had the strength and courage to end a 3-year bliss of whatever romance you could conjure in it. it was painful yet the most important decision for this year because the rest of the events/ganaps that followed after that fateful night of tears were the MOST AMAZING things that could happen to a person.

this year i learned that we should all live in the moment and forget about the past and just keep moving forward. i learned to stop being miserable and face the truth like it is and it really set me free. i learned how to stop chasing the love/care/passion from other people and just allow them to do what they want and eventually the people who truly love and care and have passion for me showed their TRUE feelings and in return i did show them the true me.

This year came as a shocker and i know it will always be a memorable one. i think i have lots of energy for 2012. Bring it on. 

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Link: Morning View: Interviewer: Before you go on stage do you have any rituals that you...


Interviewer: Before you go on stage do you have any rituals that you just have to do?

Mike Einziger – When someone usually asks us that question we say nah not really but we actually do something every time we play a show and we call it the claw. We sort of get our weird alien limbs all…

HAHAHA!!! Gay Hurricane!!! :)

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Day 13: Your favorite Incubus live performance.


DRIVE Live in Manila, July 28, 2011

This is my favorite Incubus live performance because this was the FIRST time I saw them live and my heart was completely taken away by the band.

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Day 12: Your favorite song from If Not Now, When?

May I just say I love this album. Many Incubus fans ask why the guys kinda shifted from S.C.I.E.N.C.E. to such a mellow album like this and was taken aback by such experimentation. But for me, this is definitely the best thing they did. They just nailed this genre (of whatever it is they classify the album into).

I love the fact that Incubus loves their fans but they don’t make music to make money or to gain more fans. they make music because of the artistry of doing it and because it is what they live for. and that is the main reason why I am such a big fan.

My favorite song from INNW is………… THIEVES!!!


You’re happy all the time
I just don’t understand why I can’t be happy too
Your smiles are salt in the wound
A slap upon a back that’s been toiling in the sun

When will I get mine?
Or must I be a god-fearing, white american?
Oh everything is fine
As long as you’re a god-fearing, white american

Why should the thieves have all of the fun?
Selling us water by the river, they don’t speak for everyone
I’m ready to run and you’re making me crawl
Selling me water by the river, they don’t speak for me at all

The man about the town
The beauty queen, the paragon of civilization
But shadows cling to us all
Even those convinced that they’re sheltered and immune

When will I get mine?
Or must I be a god-fearing, white american?

Why should the thieves have all of the fun?
Selling us water by the river, they don’t speak for everyone
I’m ready to run and you’re making me crawl
Selling me water by the river, they don’t speak for me at all

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The Vitamin String Quartet - I Miss You

INCUBUS I MISS YOU COVER OMG. The Vitamin String Quartet. no words for this.

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Brandon got sick so the band had to cancel one concert. Then Mike now is sick. 

Praying for your fast recovery. <3

oh, and i’m a registered nurse, so if you need one, I can work for you for the rest of your lives. hihi :)

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Brandon says “I’m excited for the future of this (Incubus) band” SO AM I!!!

We’ve been a band for twenty years, we’ve got seven records out, and now that we have people’s attention we don’t want to abuse it by doing a jazz odyssey It’s gotta be really good, it’s gotta be like Tommy, something that is earth shattering and will change the landscape. So if we do do that, it will be really awesome and life changing. We haven’t done it yet, but there’s still room for us to grow in that direction.

….I truly believe we have some pretty amazing music left in us. I’m excited for the future of this band.

-Brandon Boyd, FasterLouder.com

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